Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to get my order?

Unless we specify that we have finished sets in stock, we ask that you allow up to six weeks for delivery. Parts of this are made by a carpenter with whom we work to do the image transfer and detail cutting, and his part takes a while, and once the Schweizers have those pieces there’s a lot of by-hand work that goes getting the set ready for you, in addition to the packaging. Because each set takes so long, and costs so much in materials and labor to produce, we generally wait until we have an order before we make one.

I would like to carry Schweizercraft Products in my store.

We’re honored!

Our prices and delivery times are based on our expenses and the time that each product takes to produce, and we haven’t factored a retail percentage into those prices. Should you wish to reach out to us about which products, specifically, you’d be interested in carrying, we’d be glad to get back to you to discuss possible arrangements. Any retail discounts would be predicated on your buying more than one of any product you’re wanting to carry.

What is the appropriate age for a child to be before giving them a Schweizercraft toys or figure?

We use a non-toxic coating on all of the pieces, but were a child to chew through the wood’s surface it’s possible that preservatives used in the wood itself to keep it in good shape at the lumber yard, or the glues that affix the pieces of Baltic birch together as ply, might cause stomach discomfort, nor is it a good idea to ingest the cutting residue on the pieces edges, for the same reason. It is also possible that smaller or sharper pieces that serve as accessories to the figures might present a choking hazard. Because of this, we recommend SchweizerCraft products to not be made accessible to children who still put their toys in their mouths.

Are you ever going to do a wooden figure or toy set of ______?

Maybe! Sales of the existing figures and sets determine how aggressive we'll be with producing new pieces, but we have an enthusiasm for history and literature and are eager to do more. Chris has an incredibly long list of potential subject matter that he'll chip away at as time permits.